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December 10, 2009

Did you see Rachel Maddow interview “ex-gay” huckster Richard Cohen on Tuesday night? Because if you haven’t, you need to:

So many things. First of all: This almost made me wish Richard Cohen was right about being able to Cure the Gays, so I could turn Rachel Maddow straight and MARRY HER!

Sorry, that joke was Very Inappropriate, especially considering how Very Serious this interview was. Because, as summed up perfectly at Videogum-temporarily-Seriousgum, “DOUBLE YIIIIIIKES.”

And even that was an understatement. Because the Ugandan legislators who wrote the sickening Anti-Homosexuality Bill have been touting Richard Cohen’s teachings about curing people of their homosexuality as justification and inspiration for what they’re doing. (Cohen vehemently asserts that he doesn’t “cure” homosexuality, but as Maddow deftly points out, it’s merely a semantic difference, not a substantive one.)

Some of the provisions in that bill after the jump:




November 24, 2009

Genocide is so hot right now

So some airline did a fashion photo shoot for their in-flight magazine at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin (Never Forget To Look Sexy At Gas Chamber After-Parties?). There are obviously a lot of things one could say about this, mostly along the lines of “This is the worst.” But can anyone say they’re genuinely surprised?