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January 10, 2010

It’s a new year now, and all the blogs are coming back from their holiday breaks. Your friendly neighborhood Yetibloggers took a longer break that we left early for, because Blogging Never Sleeps, except when it does because shut up, you! So our coverage of the internet/universe or “interverse” was missing a linchpin of blogging, without which the whole enterprise falls apart: Lists.

As everyone knows, the end of the year is List Season in Blog Land. We all get List Fever and make lists of things that have something to do with our blogs. The specific causes of List Fever remain unknown, but it probably has something to do with taking our world, the chaos and madness of which becomes more apparent with each passing moment, and forcing some order upon it. Or whatever. Anyway List Fever happens.

We at The Yetiblog are no different! We blog, therefore we are (making lists). It’s in The Official Rules of Blogging.


  1. ABL: Always Be Linking to stuff.
  2. Snark?
  3. Make lists  of stuff at year’s end.

Yay, our first list!

This season was great for lists, because on top of being the end of the year, it was also the end of the decade. So there were normal year-end lists and superspecial Decade Edition lists. A lot of them! There were plenty of great ones, and there were even Lists of Lists, and there’s probably a Best Lists of 2009 and a Best Lists: Decade Edition somewhere in Blog Land. I don’t know where they are, I’m not a Listologist (practitioner of the List Sciences). But they’re out there, probably!


Second list! Just gathering momentum.

After the jump are some more lists, compiled by your friendly neighborhood Yetiblog editor, with some help from the good Listologists at the Institute of Duh: