Hello faithful readers! (All five or six of you.)

We have some exciting news about ourselves! Our home site, The Yeti, is now up and running again, redesigned and better than ever. From now on Yetiblog posts will appear there, instead of here. There are still some kinks we’re working out, so for awhile we’ll be posting simultaneously in both places, but eventually this address will be phased out and we’ll be posting exclusively from the home site.

The new site is better in almost every way, except one. We will no longer be using the awesome image that sits atop our blog’s noble head. This image:

We found it on the internet while setting up this wordpress, and it’s copyrighted, so it’s not going to our main site. It will be greatly missed, at least by us. 😦

Yet while we mourn the loss of our awesome image, we carry ever on toward the future. Anyway, please visit The Yetiblog at our new location and also check out our mother publication The Yeti while you’re at it, especially those of you in the Tallahassee/Florida area.

Thanks for reading!



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