This promo for the final season of Lost is getting pretty much universal love from the show’s hardcore fanbase, and with good reason. In America we’ve been subjected to garbage like this:

[Ed. Note: Radiohead > The Fray]

The Spanish promo addresses what the show is really about and what has garnered it so much positive popular and critical attention over the years–how mysterious and complicated and intelligent it is. Lost‘s is a grand artistic vision in which ordinary people carry on the eternal human struggle to make their own destiny even as they get caught up in power plays by clandestine, sinister, and (literally) earth-moving forces beyond their comprehension.

Yet Lost‘s ambition is tempered and balanced by its adherence to well-worn tropes of television drama. There’s love, lies, laughs, loss, other words that start with L, and healthy doses of science fiction, mystery, and suspense. It even has a time travel love triangle. (Time Travel Love Triangle is the name of my new band, by the way)

So far, ABC’s promos have addressed the show’s soapier aspects almost exclusively. And one must ask, why? Smart people with good taste undoubtedly make up a substantial number of the show’s viewers, and a vast majority of the superfans. They love Lost because it’s so different from the rest of television. ABC has been marketing to the wrong target audiences.

Let’s hope the network follows Channel 4’s lead and starts to advertise its programs more intelligently.

(via The Daily What)


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