Genocide is so hot right now

So some airline did a fashion photo shoot for their in-flight magazine at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin (Never Forget To Look Sexy At Gas Chamber After-Parties?). There are obviously a lot of things one could say about this, mostly along the lines of “This is the worst.” But can anyone say they’re genuinely surprised?

Just for fun (fun?), let’s put this latest travesty in fashion industry perspective. Remember this?

Not even a month ago.

“What am I doing? Oh, nothing, just glamorizing a hateful practice steeped in the history of colonialism and based on the dehumanization of an entire race of people for the entertainment of bigots. You know, hate crimefashion.”

And before that, there was the exploitation of poverty-stricken children as fetishized authenticity props, otherwise known as “the Slumdog Millionaire phenomenon.”

Not like fashion even needs all of these strikes against it to be The Worst, though. Just look at the awful human beings it creates.

Exhibit A:

"Fashion - turn to the left"

Exhibit B:

"Fashion - turn to the right"

Exhibit C:

"We are the goon squad / And we're coming to town."

Case closed. Shut it down, people. Shut it all down.


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