30 Rock

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[Ed. Note–This is a recap of last Thursday’s 30 Rock. Season 4, Episode 3: “Stone Mountain”. SPOILER ALERT, duh.]

Oh man, NBC, calm down. Y’all are just killin it Thursday nights. Spread it around, give the rest of the week some laffs! Two straight hours of great shows, finishing with the funniest show on television right now, it’s almost too much to take in all at once.

And this week, the funniest show on television was also the scariest. You know what I’m talking about. Walking hate-crime Jeff Dunham almost became the new TGS castmember!

Hate Crime

All God’s children are terrible, but some are more terrible than others.

The battle between Jack and Liz’s different visions of what “The Real America” is came to a head tonight. Who won? We did.

Tracy’s Rule of Threes subplot was also TBS Very Funny, with Betty White’s cameo providing a great Easter egg for the superfans:

Betty White reading "From Peanut To President" by Milton Greene

We can thank the Kidney Now! benefit concert for this

But this episode’s best subplot was Jenna and the writers’, on the strength of awesome gay Halloween parties (they really are incredible) and because it brought back everyone’s (my) favorite 30 Rock bit part: Jenna’s miraculously flamboyant gay friend/entourage member, Sasha.


I only have one question… Why (aren’t you in every episode)?

My favorite surprise of the night was definitely this pay-attention-nerds background detail, though:

Sexy Optimus Prime

Whoops, that’s your girlfriend

Next week, Elizabeth will be picking up my slack and recapping this show for real.


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