Now I understand why Miley Cyrus deactivated her Twitter. Two weeks ago [Ed. Note– a million billion years in Internet Time, we know, we’re sorry], on the evening of October 14, “hip Republican” Meghan McCain Tweeted about her “spontaneous night in” with her “Andy Warhol biography.” For those of us who can’t imagine what a book looks like, Meghan was kind enough to post a picture, sporting a devilish grin and bedroom eyes. At the heart of the composition, however, were her humongous breasts.

Cleavage Canyon National Park

Of course, there was a tremendous and instantaneous internet uproar over the picture, followed immediately by an outpouring of support from her followers. Meghan has since apologized (to whom, exactly?), but only after angrily threatening to quit Twitter (gasp!). To all you internet people (“people” in this context means “shrieking idiot monsters”) who called her a slut—that’s a little harsh [Ed. Note– and stupid]. The totality of a person’s character can’t be judged by a single action, duh. Better to step back and try to look at the situation from different perspectives.

That said, in hindsight we must ask why she even posted the picture in the first place. Did she really think that everyone would ignore her boobs and focus on the book?  Please. It’s impossible to ignore those things.

There is widespread suspicion that the whole thing was a publicity stunt, much like the balloon boy debacle (though she recently tweeted “OK, at least I didn’t dupe the media into thinking I flew away in a homemade balloon 🙂“). McCain’s blog for the Daily Beast has certainly gotten some heat from this “controversy.” Whatever her reasons may have been, Meghan will probably think before she tweets in the future—or just wear a turtleneck.


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