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[Ed. Note– Hey everyone, meet Elizabeth! She is one of our staff bloggers, and will be in charge of recapping Mad Men for us every week. This week’s is of Season 3, Episode 9: “The Wee Small Hours”. SPOILER ALERT, duh.]

Is it just me, or is Betty Draper finally becoming a human? She’s been pretty intriguing throughout the show, between fantasizing about the air conditioning repair man in Season 1 and kicking Don out of the house and hooking up with a stranger in a bar during the Cuban Missile Crisis in Season 2, but this episode she’s really stepping up her game. The seemingly timid blonde is now reaching out to Henry Francis with love letters and presidential fundraisers. You go girl! Although I would have preferred if she hadn’t been such a tease and actually gone through with hooking up with Henry Francis. But as Betty slowly climbs the ranks of my esteem, freaky Conrad Hilton is falling as fast as Sal’s straight act. I mean, I get it, he sees Don as a kind of surrogate son and heartily enjoys working at his age.  But he seemed to be a little moody this episode. He alternated between calling Don every five minutes to chatting about his loneliness to chewing Don out for not giving him the moon. Make up your mind, Connie!

Poor Sal! He can’t catch a break this season. In the season premiere, Don saw him about to get busy with a hotel bellboy, and now Lee Garner Jr. (son of Lee Garner, Sr., the owner of “$25 million account” Lucky Strike), is groping him out of nowhere! We all knew from day one that Sal was gay, but now it seems that two of the most important people on Madison Avenue, Don Draper and Lee Garner, Jr., realize it too. Although I love the drama of Sal getting forced out of the closet and seeing how the homophobic men in suits react, I can’t help but feel sorry for him. After all, he has a wife to support: his poor beard, Kitty. Remember when she watched him sing? The look on her face after he finished the entire song and dance…priceless. All of that’s out the window now that Roger has fired him. I cannot wait until next week to see what happens.


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And of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of Mad Men if Don Draper wasn’t out being the suave, incorrigible cheater that he is. This time though, he’s hitting (you get it) close to home, with Sally’s ex-teacher. The two of them have been flirting shamelessly, like all season, so we all knew this would happen. The preview for next week shows the pair growing closer and closer, which means only one thing—shit’s gonna hit the fan. Speaking of previews, how terrible have they been lately?! They literally take one phrase from a future scene and make it seem like the entire plot revolves around it. Come next week, the phrase holds no importance.

Well, the Men are still Mad and next week is sure to bring more cheating from Don, temper tantrums from Sally, and dicking around the office from Kinsey, Campbell and Crane. Until then!

P.S. Dear Mad Men writers: GIVE ME MORE PEGGY! The show is better when she’s in the frame trying to succeed, surrounded by idiots and their secretaries.


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  1. Laura Says:

    This column is making me want to check out the show…

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