Welcome to the Yetiblog! Thanks for visiting. I’m your friendly neighborhood blog editor, Andy. Nice to meet you, monsters.

So The Yeti went online awhile back. Wave of the future, new teknology, etc, snorez. Srsly, r u as bored as I am rite now? But wait! We’ve revamped our main site (coming soon), and have fallen even further down the rabbit hole: we got ourselves a blog, the Yetiblog (this blog). How else were we going to keep our pajamas on? It’s great news, I know. We’ve made it to the internet, for real this time. Pop champagne.

Here’s a list of things you can expect from this prestigious and classy blog:

1. Funny videos

2. Pop culture commentary

3. Politics (with music!*)

*whenever possible

4. TV Recaps (wherein we explain to you why your favorite TV shows are your favorite TV shows)

5. Other blog stuff? (farts, probably)

Are you not entertained??

I think we’ve going to have a lot of fun together.


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