February 4, 2010

Hello to our ~5 readers!

First of all, thanks for reading, and checking the site every now and then, getting us our ‘mad hits’ and whatnot.

However, as we announced a few weeks ago, the Yetiblog has moved URLs and gone home to be a section of our host publication’s website, The Yeti (online)

If you want to bookmark it so you go straight to the blog section, that URL is here.

Please keep reading us and visit our new URL instead of this one, because there will be no more updates here.


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January 14, 2010

Something to get your favorite blog for Valentine's Day, yes?

It’s from SkyMall, of course.

(Thanks for the tip, Antares!)


January 13, 2010

He’s talking of course about the only successful slave revolt in history and the foundation of the first republic ruled by black people, which as we all know was led by Toussant L’Ouverture’s undead army of voodoo zombies.

I’m not a very religious person, but I know there’s a special circle in Hell for people like Pat Robertson.

We fully expected someone from the wingnut religious right to blame the earthquake on the Haitian people’s “unholy” (read: black) ways. Everyone did. Sometimes it just sucks to be right, doesn’t it?

Go here to find a list of relief organizations bringing aid to the people of Haiti to which you can give donations. Or give $10 to Red Cross efforts over there by texting “HAITI” to 90999. It will come out of your phone bill automatically.

(via Wonkette, Huffington Post)


January 13, 2010

Hello faithful readers! (All five or six of you.)

We have some exciting news about ourselves! Our home site, The Yeti, is now up and running again, redesigned and better than ever. From now on Yetiblog posts will appear there, instead of here. There are still some kinks we’re working out, so for awhile we’ll be posting simultaneously in both places, but eventually this address will be phased out and we’ll be posting exclusively from the home site.

The new site is better in almost every way, except one. We will no longer be using the awesome image that sits atop our blog’s noble head. This image:

We found it on the internet while setting up this wordpress, and it’s copyrighted, so it’s not going to our main site. It will be greatly missed, at least by us. 😦

Yet while we mourn the loss of our awesome image, we carry ever on toward the future. Anyway, please visit The Yetiblog at our new location and also check out our mother publication The Yeti while you’re at it, especially those of you in the Tallahassee/Florida area.

Thanks for reading!



January 10, 2010

It’s a new year now, and all the blogs are coming back from their holiday breaks. Your friendly neighborhood Yetibloggers took a longer break that we left early for, because Blogging Never Sleeps, except when it does because shut up, you! So our coverage of the internet/universe or “interverse” was missing a linchpin of blogging, without which the whole enterprise falls apart: Lists.

As everyone knows, the end of the year is List Season in Blog Land. We all get List Fever and make lists of things that have something to do with our blogs. The specific causes of List Fever remain unknown, but it probably has something to do with taking our world, the chaos and madness of which becomes more apparent with each passing moment, and forcing some order upon it. Or whatever. Anyway List Fever happens.

We at The Yetiblog are no different! We blog, therefore we are (making lists). It’s in The Official Rules of Blogging.


  1. ABL: Always Be Linking to stuff.
  2. Snark?
  3. Make lists  of stuff at year’s end.

Yay, our first list!

This season was great for lists, because on top of being the end of the year, it was also the end of the decade. So there were normal year-end lists and superspecial Decade Edition lists. A lot of them! There were plenty of great ones, and there were even Lists of Lists, and there’s probably a Best Lists of 2009 and a Best Lists: Decade Edition somewhere in Blog Land. I don’t know where they are, I’m not a Listologist (practitioner of the List Sciences). But they’re out there, probably!


Second list! Just gathering momentum.

After the jump are some more lists, compiled by your friendly neighborhood Yetiblog editor, with some help from the good Listologists at the Institute of Duh:

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January 4, 2010

The advertising world is full of annoying ads, jingles, characters, and so forth. It’s kind of their stock in trade. Look at Billy Mays. Look at him, directly, square in the eyes. It’s difficult to do so, especially now, but you’ll see where his power came from: he annoyed you until you finally relented and agreed that his stupid products (Orange Glo, Oxy Clean, that muffin pan that made sliders, etc.) would actually be a good buy. He was the Jack Bauer of infomercials. He’d lock you in a room and violate your constitutional rights until you bought Mighty Putty.

And so it is with this commercial for Education Connection. It would probably fall by the Wayside of Abandoned Websites if it weren’t for this earworm of a jingle. According to the YouTube profile, it was written by one Anthony Falcone (of Gotham City’s favorite crime family, I would imagine), and one Rusty J. Rusty J WHAT, I don’t know. This commercial is a perfect example of getting beaten into submission by a catchy tune.

Let me be clear: this isn’t a good song. It’s a low-rent Waitresses ripoff which, given the costume of the singer (lip-syncher?), may be intentional. However, it passes the Ubiquitous Annoyance test:

  1. Is it annoying? YES
  2. Is it identifiable? YES
  3. Do you find that you are humming it to yourself? YES
  4. Did you seek it out on YouTube? YES
  5. Did you investigate who the girl was? YES, ANDREANNA VEITH

Eventually you find yourself at that “breaking point” and start to concede the validity of the ad to some extent. “I’m unemployed,” you say, “maybe I do need my online AA.” Just as you conceded that you needed the slider pan. Just as you conceded that you needed a Juice Tiger. Just as I conceded, almost 20 years ago, that I needed a pocket sandwich press. (It was a dark time in my life, and that is all that will be said on the matter.)

Then the final question comes: “Will you buy/use the product/service?” My answer: still NO. Anything with a “success kit” seems shady. What the hell is a “success kit,” anyway? Read these pamphlets, and you’ll succeed? Sounds like every real estate system infomercial ever.

But, I’ll hand it to you, EdConn, Aflac, and Rusty-Jizzle: you drilled that song into my brain. Your final reward awaits you in Hell.


December 31, 2009

Party down! Or something. Here’s a funny video about this Very Special Holiday.

(via Max Silvestri Tumbles This Inside You)


December 24, 2009

From the Yetiblog. We love you very much.

(Thanks, noralynn)


December 10, 2009

Or in other words, the bill has been downgraded from a HUMAN RIGHTS EMERGENCY!!! to simply a Human Rights Emergency!

The bulk of the bill is unchanged so it’s still horrifying and terrible, and in a way is this is an ominous sign because now it’s pretty much certain to pass with widespread support from religious leaders who opposed it because of those harshest of provisions.

Although it no longer proposes to execute people for who they are, it would still imprison people for who they are. And still in the bill: 3 years in prison for not snitching on gays you know.

Today’s news is good, but the situation is still very, very bad.

(via Bloomberg)


December 10, 2009

Did you see Rachel Maddow interview “ex-gay” huckster Richard Cohen on Tuesday night? Because if you haven’t, you need to:

So many things. First of all: This almost made me wish Richard Cohen was right about being able to Cure the Gays, so I could turn Rachel Maddow straight and MARRY HER!

Sorry, that joke was Very Inappropriate, especially considering how Very Serious this interview was. Because, as summed up perfectly at Videogum-temporarily-Seriousgum, “DOUBLE YIIIIIIKES.”

And even that was an understatement. Because the Ugandan legislators who wrote the sickening Anti-Homosexuality Bill have been touting Richard Cohen’s teachings about curing people of their homosexuality as justification and inspiration for what they’re doing. (Cohen vehemently asserts that he doesn’t “cure” homosexuality, but as Maddow deftly points out, it’s merely a semantic difference, not a substantive one.)

Some of the provisions in that bill after the jump:

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